It could just happen that your gas board comes off. Not a great thing to happen, so get that new throttle in there fast. With good use of the snail, the pedal rubber will also wear out or mysteriously get lost over time. For an original pedal rubber with Citroën chevrons you have come to the right place.

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  8. Pedal brackets
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  9. Accelerator Rod 2CV
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13 results |

2CV car pedals

Parts to fix the pedals? Or in need new 2CV pedals? You can find it all in our webshop! You'll find an accelerator pedal for €16,50, but also the rubber to mount the accelerator pedal to the throttle rod for carburettor rod for €2,00! We have a huge range of 2CV parts available for you. So with broken 2CV pedals you've come to the right place.

About the 2CV car pedals

As everyone knows, pedals 2CV are an important part of the car. Because well… if you don't have them, then you won't get very far. But it can just occur that, for example, the throttle comes off the pedals. Of course you want to replace this as soon as possible, so that you can get back on the road. It would be a shame if the 2CV is just standing still in the garage.

But also the pedal rubber can wear out after a long time and in some cases even disappear just like that. But also for an original pedal rubber you've come to the right place at Burton.

Good service

At Burton, we are happy to share our knowledge with you! That's why you can easily contact us. Our specialists can answer almost all questions! And besides that we also have extremely fast delivery. We hope, just like you, that you can repair your 2CV pedals as soon as possible. A gem like the 2CV belongs on the road and not in the garage! But did you accidentally order the wrong pedals? Don’t panic. You can exchange or return products within 30 days.

More than 2CV pedals

Of course we like it when you have already found the right pedals 2CV. But we offer many more parts for this nice car. Also parts for your engine, brakes and electrics can easily be ordered at Burton 2CV Parts!