Shock absorbers

Our Burton shock absorbers have become a great success on the market. They already help many 2CV's, Acadianes, AK's and Ami's over thresholds faster and drive with better road holding, even when the car is heavy.

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  1. €186.99
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  3. €49.50
  4. Shock Absorber Front and Rear AMI/AK (14mm)
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  5. Shock Absorber Rear Side Acadiane (14mm)
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17 results |

Shock absorbers

In search of shock absorbers or shock absorber parts for your 2CV? Take a look at our assortment, for example a shock absorber set for €154,99! We at Burton are specialized in delivering parts for your 2CV. With our wide range and competitive prices you will find the parts you need to get your 2CV back in top condition.

How important are shock absorbers?

Good shock absorbers are very important! Shock absorbers influence several factors. With bad shock absorbers your 2CV can have poor handling, longer braking distances, poor suspension and bad shock absorbers can also affect other parts of your car. For example, your tires can wear unevenly, your fuel consumption increases and the shock absorbers near the engine and chassis parts wear out. Therefore, make sure you provide your car with a good set of shock absorbers or replace the shock absorbers in time! How do you recognize broken shock absorbers? Broken shock absorbers can be recognized in a number of ways, below you will find a number of points that can help you to make the choice to take new shock absorbers.

  • The suspension of your car feels very light or stiff
  • Your car suspends several times if you press it once
  • Wind has a lot of influence on the handling of your car, more than before
  • .
  • The nose of your car dives down when you brake
  • Your driving behaviour is difficult to control
  • There's oil on the shock absorbers, they're leaking

Our shock absorbers

In our assortment you will find shock absorbers for your car. We have shock absorber sets (front and rear), shock absorbers for the rear, shock absorbers for the front and various parts for the overhaul of your shock absorbers. All our shock absorbers and parts are of high quality so you can safely hit the road again. We have also written an article about shock absorbers, to help you mount the shock absorbers. The shock absorbers we have are compatible with multiple models. These are applicable to these models:

  • Citroën 2CV
  • Citroën Acadiane
  • Citroën AK
  • Citroën Ami

Our service

If you have any questions about our shock absorbers or other parts please feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service. You can reach us by phone: +31(0)575-546055, or by email: [email protected]. Feel free to take a look at our other parts!