Without a working ignition, your A-type adventure won't get off to a smooth start. Yet it' s also nice to know that when your engine is warm and you make a stop along the motorway, your car will start again. A properly functioning ignition coil plays a key role in this situation, which is why we now also have a high performance ignition coil in our range. If you really want to get the spark between you and your 2CV, upgrade with an electronic 123 ignition including GPS and app. A last tip from us, during an service the spark plugs are often replaced, consider replacing the cables at the same time.

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  1. High performance Ignition Coil
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  2. Ignition coil holder with click system
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  3. Ignition coil 12V 2CV, dry resin set
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  5. Ignition coil 6V 2CV
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2CV ignition

Do you need a new2CV Ignition? At Burton 2CV Parts you've come to the right place! We sell more than 50 2CV related ignition products! Because it is essential that you have the right ignition. Without the right ignition, your A-type adventure will not start smoothly. It is also nice that when you have a hot engine and make a stop, you know the car will start again. A well-functioning ignition coil is very important in this aspect, that's why we now also have a high performance ignition coil in our assortment! With this you will make sure your 2CV will always be on the road in no-time.

Electronic ignition 2CV

In addition to the traditional 2CV ignition, we now also offer electronic ignition for the 2CV. The 123 ignition from Albertronic is a new variant of the 123 electronic ignition. This is also called the Tune+. It's the world's first 123 ignition that connects wirelessly to your Android or iOS Bluetooth 4.0 devices. The app is free and allows you to change the ignition curve wirelessly, so you don't have to tinker anymore. In addition, the app can display an electronic dashboard and secure your car by means of start lock.

Ignition cables

A final tip from us is that spark plugs are often replaced at the right maintenance intervals. It is important to buy the right cable sets for the 2CV ignition. Because of this you don't have to deal with the inconvenience of extra costs. A spark plug cable set is available from € 10.95. So avoid discomfort and be prepared!

Always the best service

Are you still looking for other parts for your engine? Then we still have enough Burton 2CV Parts in our webshop. A number of parts we offer are for example; filters, fuel supply or engine cooling. If you found what you were looking for, order your 2CV ignition as soon as possible and it will be delivered as soon as possible.