Did you accidentally hit a post? Or does your A-type Citroën simply deserves a nice new bumper? We’ve got some great news for you! On this page you will find everything for your bumper; from narrow and wide decorative tape to protective corner. A completely new bumper for your 2CV Charleston or a steel bumper for your Dyane. Make your car great again with the Burton bumper parts.

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Is your bumper damaged? Then Burton 2CV parts is the right address! We sell more than +40 bumpers items within our range. Burton 2CV Parts is specialized in all 2CV parts. So you already have a bumper 2CV part for € 4,76. A good bumper is important for every 2CV. Not only for safety, but also for the appearance of your 2CV. When a bumper doesn't look neat, it also gives a bad impression on the whole car. So look for a nice new 2cv bumper in our web shop!

Bumpers for your 2CV

If you want a good look on your 2CV then a clean and fitting bumper is very important. Luckily we have enough parts for you in our assortment. It's no problem if it needs to be replaced after a long time. You can then easily order a new one from us, so that your 2CV looks like it just came out of the showroom again. If you are looking for other 2CV parts that have to do with the look of your 2CV, you can also contact us. Some other exterior parts we sell are:

Our service

Are there any questions you have about our 2CV bumpers? Or do you have any questions about our other exterior parts? Feel free to send us a message or contact us by phone. Our specialists will be happy to help you as soon as possible with all your questions about your 2CV and all related parts. You can easily reach us by phone at +31(0)575-546055. If you prefer to take the time to write an e-mail, you can of course do so too. Then send an email to [email protected]. No more questions? Then quickly order your bumper parts!