Alternator and starter

Ticking sound when turning the key? Then the starter motor of your 2CV needs to be replaced. Snapped v- belt? Buy a new one here. Prefer not to be stranded by the side of the road? Then make sure your alternator is working properly. A small selection of the solutions we offer for problems around your alternator and starter motor.

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Alternator and starter motor

2CV alternator or 2CV starter. If you prefer not to stand still along the road, make sure your alternator and starter are working properly.

2CV alternator

The alternator takes on two very important tasks, namely:

  • Supply electrical energy
  • Recharge the battery

There are a number of reasons why the alternator of your 2CV might wear out. It mainly depends on how heavily you load the 2CV alternator. You know that the alternator is damaged when, for example, the windscreen wipers go slower than normal. In our web shop you can find all the parts that are needed when replacing your 2CV alternator online.

2CV starter motor

Fortunately, the starter motor is not a part that needs to be replaced or serviced frequently. The starter motor ensures that the car can be started electrically, this happens when you turn the key in the ignition. The 2CV starter motor is in contact with the engine's starter ring by means of a gear. This makes the engine run and you can hit the road safely! It might happen that your 2CV starter motor breaks down. Hearing a tapping sound when turning the key? Then the starter motor of your 2CV needs to be replaced . But no worries, when this happens you can find everything you need in our web shop to replace this yourself.

More than alternators and starter motors

At Burton 2CV Parts we try to provide you with everything you need for your car. Therefore, besides the 2CV alternator and 2CV starter motor parts, you can find many more products in our web shop. You can also find many articles for your engine, but also for your interior and exterior.

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