New Old Stock

New old stock is also called NOS. Unfortunately, you find these parts less and less. Every now and then, this category is restocked. So keep an eye on it!

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  1. First silencer 2CV4
    SKU: A1.8117
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New Old Stock also called NOS

Buy used 2CV parts from the new old stock? We have a new old stock category where you can find real original 2CV parts! In this category you will find the new old stock parts. This means that you can find new parts, which are actually very old. The 2CV is a classic car and it can happen that some original parts are not made anymore. All modern cars nowadays just have very different technologies.

New old stock assortment

Used parts of the 2CV are not always available. That's why this category is sometimes empty. We try our best to offer as many new old stock items as possible in our assortment. It's also exciting for us every time if we will have something! This is because the new old stock parts are unfortunately much less available. Sometimes we get lucky and we can restock with these gems, but unfortunately this is not always the case. Used parts of the 2CV are very popular, but we do everything we can to provide our customers with as much choice as possible!

Used parts order

Of course we also have used 2CV parts in stock! Would you like to order these used parts? That's no problem. We deliver the used part as soon as possible to your home. You could combine these used parts with new items. At Burton we do have a lot of other products for the 2CV in stock. So you can still make your 2CV as good as new. Your brakes don’t work as like they should? No problem, we have a lot of parts that can fix that. Same for much more parts, such as the engine or the drivetrain.

Do you have any questions about the new old stock parts? Feel free to contact us! The staff of Burton 2CV Parts will be happy to help you! Hopefully you can get back on the road with peace of mind!