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2CV engine

Do you need parts for your 2CV engine? We offer +85 different parts that you can use for your 2CV! You can find a crankcase stop ring with us from € 0.61. It is of course very important to maintain your Citroën 2CV engine properly. But it can happen that some parts break down. We are specialized in spare parts for your 2CV engine. Together with you, we will try to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

About the 2CV

The 2CV, also known as 'deux chevaux' is now a real legend. This classic car is recognizable by its unique appearance and original shapes. The appearance of this car has a certain charm that any lover can fall in love with. That's why it's also important to maintain this gem when you have one! Burton provides parts to make sure you can provide the best maintenance for your 2CV. The engine of a 2CV deserves all the attention and the best parts. We'll try to give you a hand.

More than just an engine

The Citroën 2CV engine is of course an essential part of the car. That is why we have an enormously wide range of products that we offer. But apart from things for the engine such as exhausts and cooling, we offer a lot more online. You will also find many articles for the interior and exterior of your 2CV.


Have you found the right items in our webshop? You can pay easily and above all safely with us. We have fast deliveries and you are also entitled to 30 days return! We try to provide the best service for every 2CV enthusiast. Do you still have urgent questions about a certain product? Please contact us and our staff will be happy to help you.