Crackling sound in your 2CV? Or rusted suspension pot lids? You can find them new in our shop. For the drivers who want to stop rust on their threaded tube, we now also have them available in stainless steel. Is your 2CV or Dyane heavily loaded? Our stiffer suspension springs will help you out.

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Suspension cylinder

Do you want to buy a 2CV suspension cylinder? Take a look at our wide range of products! At Burton, we specialise in supplying parts for your 2CV. With our wide range and competitive prices you will find the parts you need to get your 2CV back in top condition.

Our springs

Does your 2CV suffer from a crackling sound or maybe your 2CV makes the familiar seal sound? Or maybe the suspension cylinder lids of your 2CV are rusted then you can easily order new parts from us. We have a wide range of products so you can find parts you need! In our assortment you will find suspension cylinders with different characteristics. You have the choice of stainless steel to ensure that you can no longer get rusted suspension cylinder lids. But we also have stiffer versions. The stiffer versions can be very useful if your 2CV for example is often heavily loaded. Furthermore, you can find complete mounting sets, so you will have everything you need to replace your 2CV suspension cylinders. We also have other materials for mounting, such as various tools and we also have several separate parts of the 2CV strut. To be able to help you with the assembly we have written an article about assembling the springs, so that you know step by step what to do.

Our service

If you have any questions about your 2CV or other parts, please feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service. You can reach us by phone: +31(0)575-546055, or by email: [email protected]. Feel free to take a look at our other parts!