Used parts

Burton is also your go to address for used parts. Are you looking for a part that is not produced new or do you simply want original parts? Look around! Maybe we have what you are looking for.

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  1. €7.31
  2. €1.56
  3. €52.59
  4. €10.51
  5. Steering lock sleeve
    SKU: G1.6921
  6. Gear shift knob
    SKU: G1.6730
  7. €10.51
  8. Fog light switch
    SKU: G1.6525
  9. Wiper switch
    SKU: G1.6324
  10. Wiper switch short
    SKU: G1.6323
  11. Window C-support 2CV
    SKU: G1.6131
  12. Rear door window 2CV
    SKU: G1.6130
63 results |

Second hand 2CV parts

Order second hand 2CV spare parts? At Burton, we often have second-hand parts at our disposal for sale! This means that we sell original 2CV parts for a nice price. Ideal if you are looking for 2CV parts that are no longer being made, or if you just want everything to be original. Your gem of a classic car is of course also nice to maintain with two second hand 2CV parts.

Buy second hand parts

It may accure that we no longer have certain 2CV parts in stock, because this product is simply not made anymore. The 2CV is a classic car and can no longer be compared with all modern cars of today. But that doesn't make it any less fun, only a bit more difficult now and then. That's why we at Burton have started selling used 2CV parts. We think we can make both the car and the owner very happy with this!


We do not always have second-hand 2CV parts at our disposal. This is because we often have very few products at our disposal. When these are sold, we don't have a new stock on hand. We always try to have as many second hand 2CV parts as possible in stock, but sometimes we need to have some luck too, to find those parts for you! We do know that it is a shame to throw away good, original parts of the 2CV just like that. That's why we try to have as many second hand 2CV parts as possible in our webshop, unfortunately this doesn't always work out! Is the article you wanted included? Order it quickly and we will deliver it to your home as soon as possible!

Besides 2CV parts second hand we have of course many more articles at our disposal. In our webshop you will find everything that has to do with the 2CV. From electrical parts to new door cards or mirrors.