Rear axle

When replacing the chassis, it is a good moment to also replace the axle bolts and retaining plates. If you want to go all the way, you can immediately give your 2CV some extra life by replacing the rear axle with a completely overhauled axle.

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Rear axle

In search of parts for your 2CV rear axle? Take a look at our product range, where you will for example find a front and rear axle assembly set from €20.95! We, at Burton, specialise in supplying parts for your 2CV. With our wide range and competitive prices you will find the parts you need to get your 2CV back in top condition.

About the rear axle

When you're replacing the chassis of your 2CV, you can also choose to replace your axle bolts and retaining plates right away. Of course, you can also go all the way by fitting a completely overhauled rear axle in your 2CV. The rear axle is an essential part of your 2CV. When your rear axle is worn out, you will notice this very much in the road handling as in the driving behaviour of your car. To help you replace parts of the rear axle, we have written an article about the rear suspension. This article explains how to place the rear axle and other parts that are connected to it. We have also written several articles here to help you, for example about the front suspension.

Our service

If you have any questions about the rear axle of your 2CV or other parts, please feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service. You can reach us by phone: +31(0)575-546055, or by email: [email protected]. Feel free to take a look at our other parts!