Interior lining

Your 2CV and Dyane body shell well ánd nicely protected on the inside. For a finishing touch on the inside of the body check out our interior lining and accessories.

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2CV interior lining

Components needed for the 2CV interior lining? We have +5 articles online that can help you protect your 2CV interior. Your 2CV and Dyane carriage is well and nicely protected inside. For a finishing touch on the inside of the car, check out our interior lining and accessories here. You can find everything for your 2CV interior lining at Burton 2CV Parts!

About 2CV interior lining

It may of course happen that your 2CV interior lining is in need of replacement. Maybe there are stains on the interior that just won’t come out anymore which may annoy you a lot. We can absolutely relate! By changing the interior lining you can make sure your 2CV looks as good as new again. A beautiful, authentic car like the 2CV sometimes deserves a little extra attention.

What is bodywork

Someone who has a little knowledge about the interior lining 2CV world, knows that the interior lining sometimes needs replacing. The body is the bodywork of the 2CV, easier said: the superstructure. So the superstructure is actually the whole construction of the car without parts like the engine, wheels, powertrain, etcetera. Fortunately, this part is very easy to replace! We even have them available with 3rd side window and without 3rd side window!

More than 2CV interior lining

We at Burton 2CV Parts are specialized in everything for your 2CV! In our webshop you can find all parts for cooling, gearboxes or rear brakes! We like to transfer our expertise to the real 2CV enthusiasts. So do you still have questions about certain products, or do you just want some extra information? We are at your service. You can reach us on weekdays until 17:30 and on Saturday until 16:00! On Sunday we are closed.