Do you want to proudly show the world that you are a Burton fan? You can with our merchandise assortment. Here you can find a buff or warm flightcap and car gloves to keep you warm through the winter months, or our Burton cap to tour in your Burton, protected from the sun. You can also add the Burton or Citroën logo to your (work)outfit.

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  1. T-shirt yellow 2CV
    SKU: A2.1903
  2. T-shirt orange 2CV
    SKU: A2.1902
  3. T-shirt window clip
    SKU: A2.1901
  4. T-shirt pushrod tube seal rubber
    SKU: A2.1900
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  5. Burton Cap
    SKU: A2.1840
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16 results |

Burton clothes

Need new 2CV merchandise to shine in your 2CV? Then you've come to the right place at Burton! We have a lot of clothing in our assortment. Would you like to proudly show the outside world that you're a Burton lover? Then you can with our merchandise assortment. Here you'll find a buff or warm flightcap and car gloves to keep you warm during the winter months or our Burton cap to protect you from the sun in your Burton or 2CV. You can also provide your (work)outfit with the Burton or Citroën logo.

Why 2CV merchandise?

First of all, it's already great fun if you're a proud owner of an old-fashioned 2CV! But how much fun it really is, to look like someone who has known about this for years! By putting on the cool Burton car gloves, you are guaranteed to shine on the road. It looks cool and it also drives well. Finish this look with a real old fashioned flightcap and you're ready to go. These outfits are great fun to wear when showing off your vintage car. You will be in style with your car. Burton clothing is easy and quick to order in our web shop. 2CV merchandise has never been delivered to your home so fast.

Besides 2CV merchandise

Naturally, in addition to these burton clothing and 2CV merchandise, it's also important that your car can actually hit the road. At Burton 2CV Parts we are specialized in everything that has to do with 2CV's. You will find everything for the engine, drivetrain and interior with us. But the assortment goes much further than this. So take a quick look!

If you have any questions, you can always contact us. Our staff will then be ready to answer all your questions.