1. LED reflector 2CV headlight SKU: A1.8497
    Reviews | 5  (3)
  2. Aluminium performance rocker cover SKU: A1.4387
    Reviews | 5  (3)
  3. Tyre 125R15 68s SKU: A1.0710
  4. High performance Ignition Coil SKU: A1.2319
    Reviews | 5  (1)
  5. Barrel and piston set Big Bore 2CV6 652cc 9:1 Ø77mm SKU: A2.3100
    Reviews | 5  (1)
  6. High Tension leads 1983 -> silicone SKU: A1.5166
  7. Heat exchanger set powder coated black SKU: A1.7980
    Reviews | 5  (1)
    €239.00 €214.99
    Discount 10%
  8. LED rear light conversion set for 2CV SKU: A1.8490
    Reviews | 5  (4)
  9. Folding window clip set SKU: A1.1938
    Reviews | 5  (1)
  10. Rocker cover gasket 2CV4/6, improved version SKU: A1.5319
    Reviews | 5  (1)
  11. Heat exchanger set stainless steel SKU: A1.8080
    Reviews | 5  (1)
    €324.99 €291.95
    Discount 10%

Burton 2CV Parts: Anything for your 2CV!

Burton 2CV Parts is the place for everything you may need for your 2CV. Besides spare parts for the 2CV, we also have spare parts for the Dyane, Mehari and Ami. We develop most of our 2CV parts ourselves to guarantee the best quality. We want your 2CV to be repaired with the best 2CV parts!

All parts for your 2CV

Unfortunately Citroën has stopped producing spare parts for your 2CV but fortunately this is not a disaster. Burton 2CV Parts has parts for every A-type. Now you never have to worry about your 2CV being not able to be repaired. Burton 2CV Parts has parts for the engine, gearbox and drivetrain. With these 2CV parts, your 2CV will always drive! Besides 2CV parts for the engine, gearbox and drivetrain, you can also check our webshop for parts for the brake system. Of course you can't drive your 2CV without brakes, at Burton 2CV Parts we are well aware of that. In the end, the 2CV consists of a lot of parts which combined make it a safe and driveable car.

Is your 2CV engine not running the way you would like it to? Chances are it's the carburettor. The carburettor often shows a lot of wear and tear after years of use. At Burton 2CV Parts you can buy a new carburettor but we can also overhaul your old carburettor! Take a quick look in the webshop.

By the way, did you know that the Dyane had to replace the 2CV in the long run? As we all know this didn't work out the way Citroën intended it to be! In the end the 2CV stayed in production much longer. However, 30 years after Citroën stopped production the original 2CV parts are gone. That's why we at Burton 2CV Parts make all the necessary parts to make your 2CV shine again. Besides these 2CV parts we also have parts for your Mehari. If you are looking for new heater hoses for your Mehari, take a look in our webshop!

Find your 2CV parts at Burton 2CV parts easily!

The webshop of Burton 2CV Parts also has a handy function to find all your 2CV parts. This function is called Search by Picture. In this search function, you can easily find all your 2CV spare parts using old technical drawings. Looking for a part of the engine of your 2CV? Take a look in the engine category at Search by Picture! Searching for 2CV parts has never been easier!

The Citroën Ami was the luxury 2CV. By using 2CV parts, this car could be developed cheaply. However, in addition to these 2CV parts, there are also Ami specific parts on this car. At Burton 2CV Parts we even have some of these parts. For example, are you looking for a repair part for the windscreen frame? Then take a look in our webshop!

In short, at Burton 2CV Parts you can find all the 2CV parts you are looking for! From engine to gearbox and from wheel to carburettor. Burton 2CV Parts has it all!