Rear brake

At Burton we often say "braking is fear", but we have to admit that sometimes it's actually quite crucial. That's why you will find everything for the rear brake on this page; brake drums, bleeding nipples and special tools for adjusting your brakes. 

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38 results |

Rear brakes

Is your 2CV ready for new rear brake parts? At Burton 2CV Parts we offer a range of +30 items! The fun part is: you can find these rear brake parts from as little as € 2,00! At Burton we often say "braking is fear", but we have to say that sometimes it's crucial. That's why on this page you'll find everything for the rear brakes; brake drums, bleed nipple and special tools for adjusting your brakes.

About the 2CV rear brakes

It may still happen that parts of the rear brakes wear out. If you notice that some 2CV rear brake parts are no longer working optimally, don't wait too long and try to replace them as soon as possible. Rear brakes are of course crucial when stopping your 2CV. Replacing worn parts in time ensures that your rear brakes lasts as long as possible. This way you can start driving with your 2CV again!

More than just rear brakes

We at Burton 2CV Parts offer much more for your 2CV than just rear brake parts. We try to provide you with all the necessary parts for your 2CV. In our webshop you will also find everything you need for:

  • Engine
  • Driveline
  • Interior
  • Exterior

Besides these parts we offer much more. This is just a small selection from our entire product range. You can easily and quickly order these products from us and we will deliver the articles as soon as possible to your home.

Questions about the 2CV rear brakes

Do you still have urgent questions about certain parts about rear brakes of the 2CV? Feel free to contact us. We specialize in everything for your 2CV and are happy to share this knowledge with you! You can mail us via the contact form, but you can also call us anytime! We will respond as soon as possible.