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Drive line

Purchasing drive parts for your 2CV? We have over 100 parts available online that can help you! We already offer 2CV power train parts from € 1,36. We specialize in all parts for your 2CV! In this category you can actually find all the parts that drive the wheels. These parts are necessary or your 2CV won't get very far.

Power train 2CV

Are you looking for essential parts to power your 2CV? We have a huge assortment. A special car like the 2CV also deserves the best maintenance. That's why we try to make sure you can do that with our parts! With Burton 2CV parts the real enthusiast can maintain the drivetrain all by himself. Some of the parts we have are for:

About the powertrain

The driveline allows your classic car to move. This is because drive train is a collective name for all parts that ensure that the wheels can actually turn. It is not just the engine that does this. Also the gearbox, drive shaft and clutch are important team members. In the drivetrain category you can find all you might need when something breaks in your driveline. You can then order all kinds of parts from us to fix the broken part and drive your beloved 2CV again

Questions about the 2CV power train

Do you have any urgent questions about the 2CV powertrain? We'll try to help you the best we can. Our team of specialist will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and will try to you an answer. You can always send us an e-mail using the contact form, but you can also reach us by phone at +31(0)575-546055.

The 2CV is an original and especially unique car! So there's nothing more fun than showing off your 2CV on the road. However, it is important that everything still works. That's why you can order all parts for your drivetrain easily and safely online with us.