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  12. Engine 2CV6 602cc reconditioned
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Need some new engine parts for the car?

In search of 2CV engine parts? At Burton 2CV Parts we offer different 2CV engine parts starting from €0,50. Engine parts for the 2CV's we offer are: washers, crankcase stop rings and oil cooler rubbers. The engine is one of the most important parts of the car, as it allows the 2CV to move due to the mechanical movement. Thanks to a well-functioning engine you can optimally enjoy your car.

The operation of an engine

Do you also enjoy driving on beautiful roads in your Citroën 2CV? Are you also a lover of cars, especially the 2CV? We at Burton 2CV Parts are as enthusiastic about the Citroën 2CV as you are! Despite the great amusement the car brings, it is very important to make sure the engine is in good condition. A number of causes that can cause your engine to break are the cracks in the valves or the cracking of a piston ring. In addition, incorrect operation of the fuel supply system can also cause the engine to fail. It is important for your safety to make sure the engine parts of the 2CV are in good condition. Do you doubt if your engine is still working properly? Then take a look at the list below with some symptoms of engine failure.

  • Low oil pressure.
  • The oil consumption is higher than usual.
  • A discoloration of the exhaust fumes of your 2CV.
  • Reduced engine power

Engine parts for the 2CV at Burton 2CV Parts

Do you need car engine parts? Then take a look at our wide range of products. For more information about the advantages of our 2CV engine parts, please contact our customer service. Through our 2CV expertise we want to help you find the perfect engine parts for your beloved 2CV. We also offer other 2CV components, including dashboards, cooling and drive shafts.