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  1. LED rear light conversion set for 2CV
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  5. Interior light 2CV
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  7. Fuse box as original
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  12. Light buzzer
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328 results |

2CV Electrics

Do you need new 2CV electrical parts? We at Burton 2CV Parts are specialized in everything that has to do with this "ugly duck". In this category you will find everything that has to do with the electrical system of the 2CV. In our assortment we have everything for the battery, but much more. All parts within the 2CV electric system are needed when driving a car safely.

Different electrical parts

Some parts that you can find in our shop for the 2CV electrical system category are as follows:

  • Switches
  • Headlights
  • Indicators
  • Tail lights

Lights are always important when it comes to cars. So also with the 2CV this is an indispensable element. When it's dark, you should still be clearly visible on the road. That's why you'll find, for example, a complete new headlight with chrome plating, or just an aluminium set for the headlight bezel. If only one part of the electric system of the 2CV is broken, you don't have to replace everything right away. That's why we also offer smaller parts, so you only have to repair the broken part.

Electrics of the 2CV

If you want to buy parts for the electrical system of the 2CV, it's easy to shop online in our webshop! In addition, we have fast delivery, so you can get back to work as soon as possible to get back on the road with your beloved 2CV!