Wheels and tyres

On this page you will find inside and outside tires for your 2CV and related brands like Michelin and Nankang. But also the accessories can be found here; hubcaps, rims and nuts. Take a quick look further on this page, this is going to wheely good!

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  5. €85.00
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Want to buy new 2CV tyres?

Is the tyre of your 2CV in need of replacement? At Burton 2CV Parts, 2CV tyres are available from € 59.00. In addition to inner and outer tyres, we also offer other tyre related supplies, including spare wheel holders and hubcaps. Make sure that you replace the 2CV inner tubes and/or outer tubes in time to be able to fully enjoy your car trips without having to worry about a flat tyre.

Replacement of the 2CV Tyres

The tyres of your car can fail for various reasons. A number of causes have to do with the climate, such as high temperatures and snow. In addition, your driving behaviour can also influence the wear of the 2CV tyres, namely by driving at high speed through corners and by braking too hard. In addition, the quality of the roads you drive on also influences the status of your 2CV Tyre. Potholes in the road can cause wear and tear. In doubt if the tyres of your 2CV are in need of replacement? Then take a look at the list below with symptoms of failing tyres:

  • Damage to the sidewall of the tyre.
  • The recommended tread depth of the tyre is below the legal limit.

2CV Tyres at Burton 2CV Parts

Do you need help finding 2CV tyres that fit your needs and desires? Then get in touch with our customer-friendly customer service. Through our expertise we hope to help you find the perfect tyres for your 2CV so you can enjoy your car to the fullest. Besides 2CV tyres we also offer other products for a 2CV, such as for the handbrake, dashboards and drive shafts.