Wheel bearings

Wheel bearings may feel a little unnecessary but without this part it is uncomfortable to drive a 2CV, Dyane, Méhari, Acadiane or other classic Citroën. And even at the MOT they pay attention to the fact that the wheel bearing is not audible and has no looseness. Replacing a wheel bearing is not a difficult job and most people do it themselves. Here you will find all different types of wheel bearings (brand, quality and diameter) and also the related articles for the wheel bearing, so that you can replace your wheel bearing in no time.

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  4. €3.99
  5. €41.50
  6. Hub nut rear
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  8. Wheel bearing nut
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  9. Screw thread file
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  11. Front wheel hub 2CV
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Wheel bearing for the 2CV

Need an essential wheel bearing for your car? At Burton 2CV Parts, wheel bearings are already available from €30.00. The wheel bearing is important for the wheel to rotate. In addition, the part is also important to be able to drive your car comfortably. Do you drive a 2CV, Dyane, Méhari, Acadiane or any other classic Citroën? Then be sure to have a look at our wide range of wheel bearings.

Different types of car wheel bearings

At Burton 2CV Parts we offer various types of bearings for the 2CV. One of the most popular bearings for the 2CV is the wheel bearing. This bearing is constantly subjected to wear and tear while driving. We have wheel bearings for the front wheels and for the rear wheels. Do you doubt your wheel bearing needs replacing? Please contact our customer service for advice. In addition to wheel bearings, we also sell other bearings, look in the shop!

  • Feeling vibrations while driving.
  • The car pulls in a certain direction while driving.
  • Hearing a buzzing or droning sound while driving.
  • The car reacts less well/funny to steering movements.

Wheel bearings at Burton 2CV Parts

Are the wheel bearings on your car worn out? Take a look at our wide range where you can find a high quality 2CV wheel bearing at a competitive price. Do you need help finding a wheel bearing suitable for your car? Please contact our customer service by phone or e-mail. We will use our expertise to help you find a car wheel bearing that fits your wishes and needs. In addition to wheel bearings for the 2CV, we also offer other car parts, including for the handbrake, drive shafts and batteries.