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  1. €15.77 €12.75
    Discount 19%
  2. €12.95 €10.50
    Discount 19%
  3. Control knob chrome
    SKU: A1.8106
    €5.24 €3.99
    Discount 24%
  4. €29.95 €26.96
    Discount 10%
  5. €9.41 €7.50
    Discount 20%
  6. Windowcleaner 400ML
    SKU: A1.4941
    €14.50 €12.50
    Discount 14%
  7. €24.99 €21.95
    Discount 12%
  8. €3.75 €3.19
    Discount 15%
  9. €30.00 €24.50
    Discount 18%
  10. €14.99 €12.50
    Discount 17%
  11. Louvres Dyane
    SKU: A1.1796
    €156.74 €134.50
    Discount 14%
  12. Louvres 2CV
    SKU: A1.1795
    €134.95 €117.50
    Discount 13%
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Special 2CV offers

Looking of 2CV parts in SALE? Then you've come to the right website, because we have a lot of offers for you! Maintaining a car like the 2CV can sometimes be a bit expensive. That's why it can be very nice to be able to buy 2CV parts in sale. Our 2CV offers are rather long. It concerns products that normally might be €300,- up to products that normally are €10,-. Every period we have different offers!

Sale assortment

The sales range is always changing. We therefore recommend you to purchase an item as soon as possible when you see that it is on sale. In addition, many 2CV offers are also while supply lasts, so we are not sure if the product will be re-stocked. We must say… you will find some very good promotions! More than offers

Naturally not all 2CV parts are on sale. But we do have a huge range of 2CV parts in our webshop. Most of these items are in stock. Some important parts of the 2CV that you can find with in our webshop are:

If you have any questions about our 2CV offers or other articles in our webshop, please feel free to contact us! Our staff is specialized in everything that has to do with a 2CV. They are happy to pass on this knowledge to other enthusiasts!