In a clean and tidy workshop, clean 2CVs are made. On it you will find parts to work on the car such as sanding discs and paper, all well protected with some work gloves. And items to tidy up and clean up afterwards.

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Purchasing work gloves

Do you need a flap disc, work gloves or sandpaper so you can do jobs on your 2CV? At Burton 2CV Parts there are +25 different items available! In a clean and tidy workshop more work gets done and of course, clean 2CV's are made. On our website you will find parts to do jobs on the car such as sanding discs and paper. Chores on your 2CV can be done well protected with work gloves on. In addition, you can find articles to clean and tidy everything up afterwards.

Flap disc

Do you have some heavy sanding that needs to be done? Then a flap disc could just be the solution. They are different sanding sheets that are attached to each other. The advantage of a flap disc is that they are very neat in the finish. They also work without noise and vibration. A flap disc is perfect for grinding, for example, a round side to the material.

Garage paper

Garage paper can be compared to an ordinary paper towel, only a bit firmer. Did you start working with sandpaper car and did your hands get very dirty? Then garage paper comes around the corner. This is a roll of paper that you put down in the garage. When your hands are very dirty from doing the job, you can easily take the dirt off with this towel.

Working Gloves

Work gloves are of course very important during chores. When you start working with lamella discs or sandpaper for the car, it is important that your hands are well protected. We have different types of work gloves online so you can find the best ones for your job.

We at Burton 2CV Parts sell everything that has to do with your 2CV. You'll actually find all the parts you need with us! From car paint to upholstery. But also parts for the engine you can easily order online with us! If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We specialize in everything related to the 2CV. We like to share this knowledge with the real enthusiasts!