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  1. Seat Rubber with Hooks (per 50 pieces)
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  3. €9.50
  4. €99.93
  5. €19.99
  6. Choke cable 2CV with LED light 1977 ->
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  7. €78.95
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  9. €13.50
  10. €13.62
  11. Heat exchanger set stainless steel
    SKU: A1.8080
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  12. Heat exchanger set powder coated black
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2CV interior

Looking for parts to maintain your 2CV interior? Then you've come to the right place at Burton 2CV Parts. We have a huge assortment available with +300 items that can help you out. At Burton 2CV Parts we are specialized in everything related with car interiors, especially the interior of the 2CV! We only work with real 2CV enthusiasts who want nothing less than good working cars and happy customers. Buy therefore all 2CV interior parts in our webshop!

About the interior 2CV

The 2CV, also known as the snail, is known for its unique appearance. This car of yesteryear is a real eye-catcher on the road. But also the interior of the car is a real eye-catcher! Simple but fun and above all very original. You almost don't see them on the road anymore and that's why it's extra fun when your 2CV looks as good as new! You can customize the whole 2CV interior. You will find anything from completely new door panels up to special control cables. And in addition to these large parts, you will also find the small 2CV interior parts. For example, for €1.50 you already have a clamp for the throttle cable. The choice is enormous.

Why new parts?

The 2CV is a unique car and deserves all maintenance. Because it is an old car, some parts may wear out or rust faster. We offer original 2CV interior parts that will keep your 2CV as new as possible. Has a part in the dashboard started to rust or wear out? No problem, our range offers everything you could possibly need.

Besides the interior of the 2CV, we offer much more! Everything that has to do with your deux chevaux can be found in our webshop. Also, we have fast delivery! So you can quickly tinker on your favorite car again. Do you still have questions about certain parts? Please feel free to contact us. Our customer service experts will be happy to help you back on the road.