Suspension arms

When your car hits the ground after a threshold, and you really didn't fly over it too fast this time, then it's time to replace the bump stop suspension cylinder for new ones. We have them for the 2CV but also for the Acadiane and Méhari you've come to the right place at Burton.

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  1. €27.50
  2. €9.00
  3. €26.95
  4. €358.99
  5. €49.50
  6. €23.99
  7. €89.99
  8. €15.77
  9. €11.95
  10. €3.99
  11. €32.50
  12. €6.99
19 results |

Suspension arms

In search of spare parts for your 2CV suspension arms? Take a look at our product range, for example a drive shaft from as little as €79,99! At Burton we are specialized in supplying parts for your 2CV. With our wide range and competitive prices you will find the parts you need to get your 2CV back in top condition.

About the suspension arms of your car

The suspension arm is an important part that is connected to the suspension and bodywork of your car. For example, a suspension arm ensures that the forces of braking or accelerating are transmitted evenly to the wheels of your car. When your car hits the ground after you drive over a speedbump and you are sure that it was not because of your speed, you can replace the bump stops of your suspension arm. These rubbers are available separately or as a set, so you can fix your 2CV again! In addition, we have new kingpins, different bearings and a drive shaft for the wheel side if you want to replace these as well. For more information about replacing the parts for your 2CV, we have written a number of articles, which you can view here. The parts we have can be used on the suspension arm of your 2CV, but also on other models. These parts can be used on the following models:

  • Citroën 2CV
  • Citroën Acadiane
  • Citroën Méhari

Our service

If you have any questions about the suspension arm of your 2CV or other parts, please feel free to contact us and we will do everything we can to provide you with the best possible service. You can reach us by phone: +31(0)575-546055, or by email: [email protected]. Feel free to take a look at our other parts!