Do you want to show the world the beautiful car you are driving? Even if you have parked the car somewhere else? Then attach one of our lovely key rings to your key chain. With these, you will surely beat the keys of all those big cars that are already on the bar.

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  1. €8.36
  2. Keyring 2CV Red
    SKU: A1.6780
  3. €8.36
  4. Keyring 2CV White
    SKU: A1.6781
  5. €8.36
  6. Keyring AMI 6 Blue
    SKU: A1.6790
  7. €8.36
  8. Keyring Dyane White
    SKU: A1.6789
  9. Keyring Dyane Blue
    SKU: A1.6788
  10. Keyring Dyane Red
    SKU: A1.6787
  11. Keyring Mehari White
    SKU: A1.6796
  12. Keyring Mehari Green
    SKU: A1.6798
24 results |

2CV keychain

You don't have a special 2CV keychain yet? We have several car key chains in our assortment, from €7,50. They are all available in the real 2CV colors, isn’t it great?! It is also very nice to show others what kind of nice car you own! Without being in the car, you can still show off with this 2CV keychain what an awesome car you are driving. A nice accessory to make your 2CV collection complete.

Different colors

The 2CV has always been known for the nice colors they had. That's why these 2CV keychains also got the original colors. Some of the colors we offer in our assortment are:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Red
  • White

But now at Burton we not only offer nice colors, but we even offer different types of keychains car. For example, you can also find the Citroën HY in our assortment! So you can make the key chain collection as big as you like. So you could hang Mehari, Citroën HY, Dyane and Acadiane on the keychain. This way you can show everyone that you are a proud owner of these pearls.

2CV keychain gift

Are you not the proud owner of a beautiful 2CV, but do you know someone who is? Then this keychain 2CV is a very original gift. Most people who drive a 2CV do this often, because they are real Citroën lovers. It's best to show them off all day long. Unfortunately they might also have to go to work, so while working they can show off the keychain! We have almost all car keychains in stock, so you can expect the key ring soon. Then you can quickly give this 2CV accessory as a gift.

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