You might want to scream when your bearings start making noise and strat creaking in different gears. Burton offers both the small parts Shim pignon or ball bearing. But we can also provide you with a completely overhauled gearbox so you can shift smoothly again.

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85 results |


Need a newly rebuild gearbox for your 2CV? We have online +60 items available to make your gearbox complete again. We offer these parts from as little as € 1,75! It is important that you maintain the 2CV gearbox properly. It's certainly not a nice thing when your bearings start to make noise and shifting gears gives you a chill down your spine. At Burton 2CV parts you will find small parts like Shims and ball bearings. But you can also come to us for a completely overhauled gearbox so that you can change gears again completely smoothly.

Gearbox of the 2CV

Does your gearbox make an annoying noise while shifting to another gear? Then maybe it's time to change some parts. We have a huge range of 2CV gearbox parts for you to get back on the road quickly and safely. A car like the 2CV needs good maintenance so things don't wear out. If you replace parts in time, you will have less trouble with broken essential parts in the car. The 2CV gearbox is part of the powertrain, but next to the gearbox you can also find parts for the drive shaft and clutch in our shop.

About the gearbox

Because the gears in a gearbox have to work together continuously, wear and tear can occur. The synchromesh rings take the hardest hit. The rings ensure that the speed difference between the gears and shaft is absorbed! So it's important to maintain the 2CV gearbox well. In our webshop you can find everything you need to keep doing that!

The 2CV is an original and especially unique car! So there's nothing more fun than showing off your 2CV on the road. However, it is important that everything still works as it should. Therefore, order all parts for your gearbox easily and safely online in our webshop! If you have any questions, you can always contact us and our specialised staff will be happy to help you.