Do you know someone who is crazy about 2CV's or other A-type Citroëns? Then stop looking for a nice gift. Whether it's for a birthday, or the birth of a future 2CV enthusiast, we have it. And admit it, every finished job on your classic car deserves a reward anyway, right?

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  1. Carcover 2CV
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  3. Burton Cap
    SKU: A2.1840
  4. Burton Jack
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  5. €3.75
  6. Wooden wheel stop
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  9. Rent Burton 1 week
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  10. Rent Burton weekend
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28 results |

2CV gift

Are you going to give a unique gift to a real 2CV lover? That can sometimes be a huge challenge, because these are real connoisseurs! That's why we at Burton 2CV Parts have put together several gift tips for you. In this category you can go shopping, without worrying if the gift 2CV is original enough! We, as real 2CV connoisseurs, know that the real 2CV lovers will be very happy to get one of these items as a present.

2CV Gift assortment

We have of course very nice 2CV keychains available in our webshop. This is already a very nice gift, because these are almost nowhere to be found. But in this category we go one step further. You will find a protective cover for the 2CV up to a telescopic magnetic pen. If you're not a lover yourself, you probably think: I don't want to get that as a present at all, do I? Well, you couldn't make a real 2CV enthusiast happier! A 2CV gift is not just a gift, you can really use it. Next time they can continue tinkering with their beloved 2CV.

More than 2CV gift

Are you buying yourself a present? Absolutely. It has to happen once in a while. But maybe you can also take a look at used parts and clothing. These items are slightly more advanced than the standard 2CV gifts. But how nice is it to have a wooden jigsaw puzzle of this nice car? Think of anything and we will probably have it in our assortment.

Do you have any questions about one of our original 2CV gifts? Don't hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you find the perfect 2CV gift