High performance Ignition Coil

Article number:  A1.2319
Improved from original

Are you experiencing issues starting your A-type car in hot weather? Burton 2cv Parts has the solution for you with our High Performance Coil, specially designed for electronic ignitions. This coil significantly improves your starting experience and offers various benefits.

Our optimized coils generate a much higher voltage, allowing your spark plugs to produce more powerful sparks. This results in smoother and more reliable starts, even in extremely hot conditions. Furthermore, the Burton 2cv Parts coil is designed to visually match the original, so you can continue to use your existing spark plug wires and coil bracket.

Please note that this coil has been specifically developed for vehicles with an electronic ignition module. If your car uses contact points, we recommend the A1.2320 or A1.2321 coil. When installing our High Performance Coil, we also recommend replacing the spark plug wires at the same time to prevent unwanted spark arcing.

Choose the Burton 2cv Parts High Performance Coil and enjoy reliable starting, regardless of the weather conditions. Upgrade your ignition system today and benefit from improved performance and reliability.

  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 5
  • Engine size: 602cc
  • Material: Multi
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