Push rod master cylinder, 125mm, extra long, short leg kit

Article number:  A2.3745
Original quality

By placing a longer pin on the master cylinder in the Burton , the pedals can be placed approximately 35mm closer to the driver. The bushes are used to compensate for the thickness of the master cylinder. When placing the short legs kit you will also need to cut about 35mm of the clutch cable guide (which is mounted on the outside of the bulkhead) clutch cable can still be properly adjusted. The kit cannot not be mounted with a 2CV-throttle cable. A Burton throttle cable can be used with some modifications, a piece of the oute cable needs to be cut off. The most ideal is to use a throttle cable of a right hand drive 2CV.

  • Car Model: Burton
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 4
  • Material: Inox
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