Spring for suspension cylinder short 80 % uprated

Article number:  A1.8359
Original quality
This short spring for the back is as long as the original spring, 170mm. It is developed for people who want to give the 2CV a more sporty ride or to load heavier. The spring is 80% uprated, which will lessen the 2CV wobble in a curve. When lowering the 2CV it is advisable to use this spring. Also with this spring, a 2CV can be loaded heavier without falling straight through its hooves. Please note that 1 short spring and 1 long spring (A1.8358) is required per spring cylinder. When lowering the 2CV, choose the long tie rod end eye (A1.8365). Due to the thick wire of the spring, it is tighter in the spring pot. Our advice is therefore also to use a lot of grease on the spring.
  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari
  • Number per car: 2
  • Quality:: 4
  • Material: Steel
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