Seat covers

We have compared every available upholstery set on the market on fabric quality, fit and originality. We have chosen 42 different sets from four manufacturers within the 2CV world. Because of this we deliver the best quality with a perfect fit at an affordable price!

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  1. Seat frame chrome for Cobra seats
    SKU: A2.2352
  2. Seat rails Cobra (per seat)
    SKU: A2.2349
  3. Cobra seat, in a special colour
    SKU: A2.2341
  4. Cobra seat Black, black Lisbon vinyl
    SKU: A2.2340
  5. Carper for footwell and spare wheel well Burton
    SKU: A2.2330
  6. Seat mounting set Burton
    SKU: A2.2325
  7. Side panel tim Burton
    SKU: A2.2320
  8. Upholstery: additional charge for a two-tone leather
    SKU: A2.2315
  9. Upholstery for bench seat Burton
    SKU: A2.2310
  10. Upholstery set Burton
    SKU: A2.2300
  11. Tension mat under seat cover front seat, Jute
    SKU: A1.3292
  12. Tension mat under seat cover rear bench, Jute
    SKU: A1.3291
  13. Tension mat under seat cover for front bench, Jute
    SKU: A1.3290
  14. Upholstery set Raye brown bench seat + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3211
  15. Upholstery set Raye brown front seats + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3210
  16. Upholstery set Raye blue front bench + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3209
  17. Upholstery set Raye blue seats + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3208
  18. Upholstery set Raye beige front bench + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3207
  19. Upholstery set Raye green front bench + rear bench
    SKU: A1.3206
  20. Upholstery Brown skai perforated 2 front seats
    SKU: A1.3205
  21. Upholstery Brown skai smooth 2 front seats
    SKU: A1.3204
  22. Upholstery set Brown skai seats + back seat
    SKU: A1.3203
  23. Upholstery set Raye Orange front seat + rear seat
    SKU: A1.3202
  24. Upholstery set Raye Orange seats + back seat
    SKU: A1.3201
  25. Seat rubber with hooks, bag with 50 pieces
    SKU: A1.3199
  26. Set of tensioners with seat rubbers for HY, 22 pieces
    SKU: A1.3190
  27. Cover for headrest Ecossais
    SKU: A1.3146
  28. Cover for headrest Charleston, gray
    SKU: A1.3145
  29. Hog ring pliers
    SKU: A1.3140
  30. Roll roof mounting plate in the luggage, 2CV
    SKU: A1.3139
Items 1-30 of 72 |