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  1. Powertube, ram air conversion kit for 2CV and Burton
    SKU: A1.4504
  2. Oil filler neck 2CV6 repair kit complete
    SKU: A1.4456
  3. Oil filler neck rubbers 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4455
  4. Rocker cover new black powdercoated
    SKU: A1.4392
  5. Oil pump cover gasket aramide 2CV4
    SKU: A1.4357
  6. Oil pump gasket aramide 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4354
  7. Engine 2CV6 652cc big bore reconditioned
    SKU: A1.4309
  8. Engine 2CV6 602cc reconditioned
    SKU: A1.4305
  9. Engine 2CV4 435cc reconditioned
    SKU: A1.4301
  10. Breather rubber for oil fillerneck Viton
    SKU: A1.4449
  11. Piston and cylinder kit for 2CV6 602cc 9:1 M28 Ø74mm
    SKU: A1.4430
  12. Piston ring set Visa 652cc/2CV6 Big Bore Ø77,00mm 1,5-2-3mm
    SKU: A1.4370
  13. Piston ring set Visa 652cc Ø77mm 1,75-2-4mm
    SKU: A1.4369
  14. Piston ring set 2CV6 1976-> Ø74,00 1,75-2-3,5mm
    SKU: A1.4368
  15. Piston ring set 2CV6 ->1976 Ø74mm 1,50-2-4mm
    SKU: A1.4367
  16. Set of two jets for 652cc - 26/18
    SKU: A1.4364
  17. Camshaft 2CV6 new
    SKU: A1.4331
  18. Piston rings 2CV4 435cc 68,5mm, 1,75+2+4mm
    SKU: A1.4365
  19. Oil feed line Visa 652cc copper/nickel
    SKU: A1.4340
  20. Oil feed line clamp 2CV stainless steel
    SKU: A1.4339
  21. Oil feed line 2CV copper/nickel
    SKU: A1.4337
  22. Bearing for primary axle in crankshaft 12x18x16mm
    SKU: A1.3941
  23. Bearing for primary axle in crankshaft 12x18,2x16mm
    SKU: A1.3940
  24. Engine Oil 20W50 1 litre, Total Quartz 5000
    SKU: A1.4921
  25. Engine Oil 20W50 4 litre, Total Quartz 5000
    SKU: A1.4920
  26. Engine Oil 15W40 5 litre, Total Quartz 5000
    SKU: A1.4903
  27. Engine Oil 15W40 1 liter, Total Quartz 5000
    SKU: A1.4901
  28. Oil filler unit 2CV6
    SKU: A1.4457
  29. Flywheel lock tool 2CV
    SKU: A1.2771
  30. Ignition timing pen, old type
    SKU: A1.2716
Items 1-30 of 87 |