RX-5 Rust Treatment

Article number:  A1.0511
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RX-5 anti corrosion treatment, external, 1L

RX-5 is a special product designed for the pre-treatment of rust-affected surfaces. It has a strong adhesion to surface rust and can also be applied to degreased bare steel, for example with acetone.


  • RX-5 is almost liquid, allowing it to creep well into seams and corners.
  • It is a transparent product with a strong penetrating effect.
  • RX-5 adheres under the rust to the metal and completely isolates the existing rust.
  • It provides a very good adhesive base for further processing with, for example, RX-10 or a synthetic paint type based on alkyd resin.


  • RX-5 is dry after about 24 hours and ready for further processing.
  • Read the instructions for use before use.

Note: Zincor sheet metal has already been treated in a certain way against rust formation. As a result, it absorbs the linseed oil, one of the ingredients of RX-5, less well.

  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari, Ami
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 5
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