Triangle uncoated, towing device

Article number:  A2.1771
Original quality
A triangle is used to tow a car without the need for a second driver. The triangel is fixed to the two tow hooks on the front of the car, and is then connected to the towing vehicle's trailer hitch. The front wheels will automatically follow the towing vehicle. Make sure the tow-hooks of your chassis are suitable to connect the triangle to, and check the alignment of the towed vehicle. In Europe the Burton or 2CV can be towed as if it were a trailer weighing less than 750kg. This means triangular reflectors, and the license plate of the towing vehicle need to be added to the towed car. You'll also need an additional steel safety cable. It is advisable to use the triangle only for short drives or emergencies. We recommend a trailer for long drives.
  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari, Ami
  • Number per car: 1
  • Quality:: 4
  • Material: Steel
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