LED reflector 2CV headlight

Article number:  A1.8497
Improved from original

LED reflector for 2CV with plastic headlight housings. Plug & play with the original headlight housing. Ideal to make the 2CV safer. More light output makes you more visible on the road. Big difference compared to original headlights in daylight, among other things in rain. Visibility is also considerably better in the dark. The LED reflector is equipped with high beam, low beam and running light. Another advantage is that bulbs never need to be replaced!

The reflector has ECE certification, something that cheap alternatives often do not have. Because of the ECE certification, no problems will arise with the MOT. The code of the ECE certification can be found in the lens. Because of this, the reflector is approved in Europe.

The reflector has an aluminium adapter ring so that it fits directly into the plastic headlight housing of the 2CV. Because of the aluminium adapter part of the original look is preserved. Attention, does not fit well in a metal headlight housing because the shape is different from the plastic headlight housing. After a few small adjustments to the steel headlight housing, the reflector will fit. This can be done by sticking a piece of chassis tape on the inside of the reflector.

  • Car Model: 2CV, Burton, HY
  • Number per car: 2
  • Quality:: 5
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