Gearbox reconditioned 2CV6 disc brakes

Gearbox reconditioned 2CV6 disc brakes

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Completely reconditioned gearbox, price based on the return of the old gearbox. There aren't many differences between the gearboxes that were fitted by Citroën in the last years of the 2CV production run. Gear reductions in cars with 602cc engines are similar. The most Important difference between older gearboxes and the ones used after July 1981 is that the earlier ones are equipped with drum brakes. Although not directly related to the gearbox internals, it makes a significant difference to the case. Attention! €250,- Additional deposit is calculated for this product, read more information about exchange parts here.
Article number A1.8705
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More Information
Car Model:2CV, Dyane, Burton
OEM number:95 574 133
Number per car:1
Engine size:602cc
Brake Typedisc brakes

Suitable for:

  • 2CV
  • Dyane
  • Burton

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