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  1. Driveshaft gaiter kit complete, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0118
  2. Driveshaft gaiter for double cardan joint, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0100
  3. Driveshaft gaiter double cardan joint with rings
    SKU: A1.0099
  4. Driveshaft gaiter inner, gearbox end, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0114
  5. Driveshaft gaiter, middle, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0113
  6. Driveshaft gaiter outer, wheelside, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0112
  7. Driveshaft gaiter kit gearbox end, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0133
  8. Driveshaft gaiter kit middle, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0132
  9. Driveshaft gaiter kit wheelside, neoprene rubber
    SKU: A1.0131
  10. Sachet grease for drive shaft gaiters 90mL
    SKU: A1.0110
  11. Grease MoS2 400gr graphite (special for driveshafts)
    SKU: A1.4929
  12. Drive shaft gaiter clamp, Ø25-45mm
    SKU: A1.0152
  13. Drive shaft gaiter clamp, Ø45-65mm
    SKU: A1.0151
  14. Drive shaft gaiter clamp, Ø65-130mm
    SKU: A1.0150
  15. Hub nut front
    SKU: A1.3922
  16. Driveshaft gaiter mounting tool
    SKU: A1.2718
  17. Grease nipple M7x1
    SKU: A1.0119
  18. Gasket driveshaft gearbox side
    SKU: A1.0116
  19. Reconditioned driveshaft gearbox side complete
    SKU: A1.0115
  20. Driveshaft gaiter wheel side, single cardan
    SKU: A1.0109
  21. Driveshaft gaiter ring cardan joint
    SKU: A1.0108
  22. Driveshaft gaiter wheel side, double cardan joint
    SKU: A1.0107
  23. Driveshaft gaiter gearbox end
    SKU: A1.0105
  24. Driveshaft gaiter middle
    SKU: A1.0103
  25. Driveshaft gaiter wheel side, constant velocity joint
    SKU: A1.0101
  26. Cross pin for single cardan joint driveshaft
    SKU: A1.0117
  27. Driveshaft wheel side 2CV SKF 1970->
    SKU: A1.0123
27 Items |


You need new parts for your driveshaft? We have a wide range of parts online that could help you. We are specialized in all parts for your 2CV and have parts for your driveshaft from € 1,36! A common point of attention at the MOT are the driveshaft gaiters. You can then buy a completely new drive shaft, but sometimes that's not necessary at all. Then you can opt for our loose drive shaft covers made of neoprene which will not break as easily as normal rubber ones.

Driveshaft of the 2CV

The 2CV driveshaft is a part of the driveline. The driveshaft ensures that the car will actually move because it is the link between the gearbox and the wheels. When your driveshaft is broken, your wheels won't spin and you won't be able to drive anymore. The driveshaft of the 2CV is an axle that receives and transmits a force to a driving part, for example the wheels of a car! So it is important that this all works optimally. In addition to parts for the driveshaft, we also offer parts for the gearbox and clutch. So you can order everything complete in our webshop! Get your drivetrain ready for departure!

Questions about the 2CV drivetrain

Do you still have urgent questions about the 2CV drive shaft or other parts of the drivetrain? Our specialist staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and will try to answer them as best they can. You can always send us an e-mail using the contact form, but you can also reach us by phone at +31(0)575-546055.

The 2CV is an original and especially unique car! So there's nothing more fun than showing off your 2CV on the road. However, it is important that everything still works like it should. Therefore, order all parts for your driveshaft easily and safely online in our shop.