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  1. Puraflex 6001, sealant/kit for bodywork
    SKU: A1.7563
  2. Kit for bodywork, 1L, can be applied with a brush
    SKU: A1.7566
  3. Sikaflex-260 N, kit/sealant for bonding applications
    SKU: A1.7565
  4. Nozzle for kit/sealant and adhesives
    SKU: A1.7564
  5. Spray paint AC645 Blue Myositis
    SKU: A1.7549
  6. Spray paint AC333 Jaune Mimosa
    SKU: A1.7547
  7. Spray paint AC088 Blanc Meije
    SKU: A1.7535
  8. Spray paint AC424 Rouge de Rio
    SKU: A1.7518
  9. Spuitbus AC329 Orange Ténéré
    SKU: A1.7514
  10. Straypaint EXP gray
    SKU: A1.7513
  11. Spray paint AC569 EPW Blue des Tropiques
    SKU: A1.7507
  12. Spray paint AC575 EMB Blue Celeste
    SKU: A1.7505
  13. Primer spray can Motip black
    SKU: A1.0536
  14. Spray paint AC079 Beige Gazelle
    SKU: A1.7501
  15. Spray paint AC084 Ivoire Borely
    SKU: A1.7533
  16. Spray paint AC442 Rouge de Castille
    SKU: A1.7532
  17. Spray can AC136 Gris Rose
    SKU: A1.7528
  18. Extra price for Burton body in Special RAL colour
    SKU: A2.0140
  19. Varnish 2K polish 200ml
    SKU: A1.7556
  20. Spray paint primer 500mL
    SKU: A1.7555
  21. Aerosol heat resistant to 650 ° C black 400ml
    SKU: A1.7554
  22. Spray paint silver grey 500mL
    SKU: A1.7553
  23. Spray paint AC334 Cuivre Indien
    SKU: A1.7551
  24. Spray paint AC609 Blue Neve
    SKU: A1.7550
  25. Spray paint AC650 Bleu Azurite
    SKU: A1.7548
  26. Spray paint AC533 Vert Bamboo
    SKU: A1.7546
  27. Spray paint AC140 Gris Rosé, for rims and bumpers
    SKU: A1.7545
  28. Spray paint AC200 Noir, black for Charleston
    SKU: A1.7531
  29. Spray paint AC087, beige albatros
    SKU: A1.7527
  30. Spray paint AC099 EVR Gris Nocturne, for Charleston
    SKU: A1.7525
Items 1-30 of 48 |

Car paint

Do you want to buy car paint so you can make your 2CV look like new again? We have +40 different items online that will be perfect for you! 2CV's and other Citroën's have been made in different colors. All original colors are available in our shop so you can make your 2CV look like new again. We think it's important that a gem like the 2CV but also other old Citroëns stay as beautiful as long as possible! A little touch of newpaint on your 2CV won't hurt anyone!

Car paint at Burton 2CV Parts

We specialize in everything for the 2CV and therefore we also offer special paint. This means you can buy a car paint spray can from us, but also ordinary paint in cans. Now you'll probably think; the 2CV is already so old, I'm never going to find the right colour again! So here comes Burton 2CV Parts. We know they are old colours that you will need, that's why we have just these colours in stock! A spray can with paint can be very handy because it provides a very neat finish. Is there a little crack in the paint of your 2CV? Don't worry, we can help you with that! But we can help you with a lot more! You'll also find everything you need for the drivetrain, exterior and more specific; the dashboard.

Use car paint

Never used a paint spray can before? It's quite a job to do. That's why we have listed a few tips for you:

1. Make sure that the area in which you are going to spray is virtually free of dust.
2. An advantage can be if the room is at room temperature.
3. Spray on a piece that is not always in sight is a little bit as a test, to see if it really is the right colour for your 2CV!
4. Don't spray a lot of car paint in one place. Provide thin layers to create a smooth effect!