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2CV engine oil

Purchasing engine oil or windscreen washer fluid for your 2CV? We have +30 different articles online in our webshop! Just like we sometimes like a beverage, your engine also likes a good sip of motor oil. That keeps everyone happy. Windscreen washer fluid, hydraulic oil LHM, brake cleaner and much more can be found on this page.

About engine oil

How long your 2CV lasts partly depends on how well the engine is maintained. It is important to keep a good track of your engine and give it new 2CV engine oil every now and then. It is very important that engine oil is used in the right quantities! The oil in the engine of the 2CV must be replaced on time. If you wait too long, the quality of the oil will quickly degrade. The quality will deteriorate fast when only short trips are driven often with the 2CV. We recommend never to use the oil for more than a year. So change the 2CV engine oil every now and then to make sure your 2CV will last as long as possible. Buying engine oil is very easy online with us. We will deliver as soon as possible. Besides engine oil you can find many more parts for the engine!

Car window cleaner

Car window cleaner or windscreen washer fluid, it's just the same! Actually, it is very unwise to drive without washer fluid. When you start moving the wipers without fluid, you get very ugly stripes on the window. The window cleaner makes sure that the window of your 2CV is clean!

We offer many more products online besides fluids for the 2CV. We specialize in everything for your 2CV. We are happy to transfer this knowledge to you! If you have any questions you can easily contact us. A selection of our product range is:

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  • Rear lighting