Bolts and nuts

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  1. Nut M7 copper plated exhaust manifold 2CV
    SKU: A5.0709
  2. Bolt M7 x 50, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0739
  3. Bolt M7 x 40, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0737
  4. Bolt M7 x 35, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0736
  5. Bolt M7 x 30, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0735
  6. Bolt M7 x 25, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0734
  7. Bolt M7 x 20, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0733
  8. Bolt M7 x 12, as original, with chevrons
    SKU: A5.0731
  9. Lock Washer M7x18
    SKU: A5.0708
  10. Toothed spring washer M7
    SKU: A5.0707
  11. Spring washer M7
    SKU: A5.0706
  12. Washer large M7
    SKU: A5.0705
  13. Washer M7
    SKU: A5.0704
  14. Nut M7 nylock
    SKU: A5.0702
  15. Nut M12x1.25 Nylock, shock absorber
    SKU: A5.1241
  16. Thick large washer M12 for shock absorber bolt
    SKU: A5.1208
  17. Washer large M12 for shock absorber bolt
    SKU: A5.1205
  18. Nut M14x1.5 Nylock, shock absorber
    SKU: A5.1441
  19. Thick large washer M14 for shock absorber bolt
    SKU: A5.1408
  20. Washer large M14 x36x2,0 shock absorber AK/Ami
    SKU: A5.1405
  21. Bolt M9x16 for shock absorber plate
    SKU: A5.0913
  22. Large lock washer M9
    SKU: A5.0908
  23. Toothed washer M9
    SKU: A5.0906
  24. Washer M9x16x1,6
    SKU: A5.0904
  25. Nut M9
    SKU: A5.0901
  26. Bolt M9x35, hand brake eccentric
    SKU: A5.0917
  27. Bolt M9x30, fuel tank bracket
    SKU: A5.0916
  28. Bolt M9x25, driveshaft to gearbox
    SKU: A5.0915
  29. Bolt M9x65 10.9 (Brakecylinder)
    SKU: A5.0921
  30. Bolt M9x105, alternator
    SKU: A5.0919
Items 1-30 of 249 |

Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts needed for your beautiful 2CV? Then you came to the right place! We have +200 items in this category! It does not matter what size bolt you want, check out this page because we have a wide range, also with original Citroën logo. From M5 to M14. From clamping nut for the chassis to Parker bolt for the roof and everything in between.

Bolts for the 2CV

Bolts are parts that are often easy to replace. However, sometimes they are rusted, a little WD40 can help! But the question is usually, what size do I need exactly? With all our bolts for the car there is a clear size mentioned. So we have a very wide range of bolts available. Do you really not know what size you need exactly? Then please contact us, because we will see if we can help you with this!


Besides car bolts, you also need nuts. A nut is used in combination with a car bolt. In the end, the nuts ensure that you can attach two parts to each other. Nuts and bolts are also an indispensable part of the workshop for 2CV enthusiasts. These are parts that you can easily replace!

These bolts and nuts can actually be used with all parts of the 2CV. But next to these items you will find many more items that are useful for the 2CV. For example, is there something broken on the engine? Then we have several parts available for that! But also for the interior and exterior of the 2CV you've come to the right place!