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  1. RX-5 spray can 400mL
    SKU: A1.0519
  2. RX-5 anti corrosion treatment, external, 1L
    SKU: A1.0511
  3. RX-7 spray can 400mL
    SKU: A1.0520
  4. RX-10 anti corrosion treatment, finishing coat 1L
    SKU: A1.0517
  5. RX-7 anti corrosion treatment, internal, 1L
    SKU: A1.0515
  6. Spray can tube for hollow spaces
    SKU: A1.0512
  7. Dinitrol drill plugs black, per 25 pieces
    SKU: A1.0532
  8. Dinitrol 1000, coating for internal surfaces 500mL
    SKU: A1.0527
  9. Dinitrol Metallic, underbody coating with aluminium 500mL
    SKU: A1.0526
  10. Dinitrol 447, black underbody spray 500ml
    SKU: A1.0525
  11. Dinitrol ML, highly penetrating rust treatment 500mL
    SKU: A1.0524
  12. Rust hunter, rust converter spray can 400mL
    SKU: A1.0560
  13. Cartex red, protective primer, spray can 400mL
    SKU: A1.0535
  14. WD40 multispray SS 450ml
    SKU: A1.0507
  15. Welding protection spray can 400ml
    SKU: A1.0561
  16. Dinitrol 447, black underbody spray 1L
    SKU: A1.0529
16 Items |

Anti-rust for the 2CV

In need of anti-rust products to protect your 2CV? We have +15 items in our range that can help you with this! If there is anything you want to prevent, it is rust on your 2CV or other Citroën. With our anti-rust products including aerosols RX-10 and Dinitrol you can prevent rust or treat existing rust as well as possible. With these product you can give your car a full treatment against rust.

Why anti-corrosion for your car?

In order to prevent rust on your beloved 2CV, it is important that you check for rust on your 2CV from time to time. If you don't keep a good record of preventive rust spots, the sheet metal can get damaged. When this rust is affecting a lot of bodywork, it can mean that your 2CV needs a whole new set of sheet metal. Of course we want to prevent this from happening! That is why you can easily buy an anti-rust paint in our shop. We have aerosols of 400 ML, but also of 500 ML. Besides spray cans you can find different cans with different number of liters in them.

Anti Rust

An anti-corrosion treatment for your car doesn't even have to be very expensive! When you keep your 2CV well maintained, it is not necessary to always do the whole car. You will find in our web shop a van Dinitrol ML for only € 17.99! Dinitrol ML provides a strong penetrating anti-corrosion treatment. Combine this with an aerosol hose for only € 3.50 so you can also prevent rust in the hollow spaces.

Besides treatments such as anti-corrosion for your 2CV, we have many more products online! We specialize in everything for your 2CV and are happy to share this knowledge with real 2CV enthusiasts! Take a quick look at parts for engine, brakes, interior or all other categories.