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  1. Socket for oilfilter with oilfilter
    SKU: A1.2741
  2. WD40 multispray SS 450ml
    SKU: A1.0507
  3. Gearbox oil MPM SAE90 1L
    SKU: A1.4913
  4. Primer spray can Motip black
    SKU: A1.0536
  5. Windscreen washer fluid 40ml Crystal Clear Summer
    SKU: A1.6340
  6. Sliding window lock assembly tool
    SKU: A1.2096
  7. Wheel hub and brake drum blocking tool
    SKU: A1.2736
  8. Spray paint AC079 Beige Gazelle
    SKU: A1.7501
  9. mounting kit Burton body
    SKU: A2.0131
  10. Carburettor cleaner 400ml aerosol, MPM
    SKU: A1.4924
  11. KN95 mouth masks 1200 pieces
    SKU: A1.7579
  12. Spray paint AC084 Ivoire Borely
    SKU: A1.7533
  13. Spray paint AC442 Rouge de Castille
    SKU: A1.7532
  14. Hexagon bolt M5x40 stainless steel
    SKU: A5.0568
  15. Spray can AC136 Gris Rose
    SKU: A1.7528
  16. Brake line assembly tool rear axle
    SKU: A1.2728
  17. Replacement strips kingpin (dis)assembly set
    SKU: A1.2727
  18. Spot weld drill 10.0 mm
    SKU: A5.8044
  19. Spot weld drill 8.0 mm
    SKU: A5.8042
  20. Spot weld drill 6.0 mm
    SKU: A5.8040
  21. Washer M20 x55x2,0
    SKU: A5.2005
  22. Bolt 8.8 7/16x1 1/4 UNF
    SKU: A5.1900
  23. Nut M14x1.5 Nylock, shock absorber
    SKU: A5.1441
  24. Thick large washer M14 for shock absorber bolt
    SKU: A5.1408
  25. Washer large M14 x36x2,0 shock absorber AK/Ami
    SKU: A5.1405
  26. Lock nut extra thin MF12x1 for clutch cable 2CV
    SKU: A5.1291
  27. Nut M12 for front wing
    SKU: A5.1290
  28. Nut M12 for front wing stainless steel, as original
    SKU: A5.1289
  29. Lock ring M12
    SKU: A5.1256
  30. Washer large M12 Stainless steel
    SKU: A5.1255
Items 1-30 of 440 |

Car tools

2CV tools needed to help you tinker with your 2CV? With +60 parts you are at the right address at Burton 2CV Parts. We specialize in everything for your 2CV. That's why you can also find special car tools to start tinkering with your 2CV. At Burton we also like to tinker with our own 2CV's, Dyane's and HY-buses. And yes, we admit it, it doesn't always happen flawlessly. But problems often lead to solutions in the form of tools, which in turn will make your life easier! Think of a (dis)assembly set for the king pin, a repair set for your spark plugs and a wrench especially for your carburettor. Extra handy are our instructional videos.

2CV tool

We have a huge range of car tools available that can help you make your 2CV as good as new again. You can find PVC insulation tape for only €2,50. All the tools we offer here are useful when tinkering with your 2CV, Dyane's and/or HY-buses. Classics like these cars deserve full attention. Nothing is more fun than driving a nice, safe car on the road. With our 2CV tools you make sure that every defect on your car can be solved!

More than car tools

Of course we have a lot of tools for the car. But we have many more items available! We have all the parts you might need for your 2CV. In our assortment you can buy everything for the engine, drivetrain and interior. But we go much further than that! Take a quick look in our webshop and let yourself be surprised by the enormous assortment that we offer.