Steering rack

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  1. Steering rack reconditioned 2CV/Dyane
    SKU: A1.7731
  2. Steering rack reconditioned Ami 6/8
    SKU: A1.7810
  3. Steering rack reconditioned Méhari
    SKU: A1.7805
  4. Steering rack reconditioned Acadiane
    SKU: A1.7800
  5. Steering rack reconditioned, with frotteurs ->07/1975
    SKU: A1.7759
  6. Steering pinion 8 teeth
    SKU: A1.7711
  7. Seal for steering pinion 2CV
    SKU: A1.7700
  8. Lock tab washer steering rack
    SKU: A1.7722
  9. Rubber for steering rack
    SKU: A1.7721
  10. Steering pinion 7 teeth, second type
    SKU: A1.7713
  11. Steering pinion 7 teeth, first type
    SKU: A1.7712
  12. Grease nipple M6x1 45º, steering rack
    SKU: A1.0120
  13. Needle bearing steering pinion 8 tooth 10x16x12mm
    SKU: A1.7765
  14. Bearing bush steering pinion 8 tooth
    SKU: A1.7764
  15. Steering pinion bearing 2CV SKF
    SKU: A1.7775
  16. Bearing bronze steering pinion 7 tooth 2nd type 12x17x12mm
    SKU: A1.7768
  17. Needlebearing steering pinion 8 tooth 14x10x12mm
    SKU: A1.7767
  18. Needle bearing steering pinion 7 tooth 2nd type 12x18x12mm
    SKU: A1.7766
  19. Steering rack guide tube, for 8 tooth pinion
    SKU: A1.7745
  20. Toothed rack, for 7 tooth pinion, first type
    SKU: A1.7735
  21. Rivet guide ring to pinion gear
    SKU: A1.7720
  22. Steering rack guide ring, 34,15mm
    SKU: A1.7719
  23. Steering rack guide ring, 34,10mm
    SKU: A1.7718
  24. Steering rack guide ring, 34,05mm
    SKU: A1.7717
  25. Pinion retaining nut with seal, 1971->
    SKU: A1.7715
  26. Steering rack guide ring, 34,30mm
    SKU: A1.7692
  27. Steering rack guide ring, 34,25mm
    SKU: A1.7691
  28. Steering rack guide ring, 34,20mm
    SKU: A1.7690
  29. Sealing lid under steering pinion with 7 teeth
    SKU: A1.7681
  30. Shim ring steering pinion 7 teeths 3,5x34x0,95mm
    SKU: A1.7680
30 Items |

2CV Steering rack

Do you want to order new parts for your 2CV steering rack? With an assortment of +35 articles you've come to the right place! What might surprise you the most, is that these parts for your steering rack are already available from € 1.50! Comfortable touring on winding roads? Then it's important that the steering goes smoothly. Starting with the steering rack of your 2CV. At Burton you'll find everything you need to get back on track. Think, for example, of the steering pinion or the steering rack guide ring. But you can also come to us for a completely refurbished steering rack.

About the steering rack

A 2CV steering rack is connected to the steering shaft. In a steering rack, rotating movements of the steering axle are transmitted up and down to the rails. Parts for your 2CV rails can also be found in our webshop. A 2CV steering rack is part of the entire steering system. This ensures that the wheels make the right movements. It's very complicated exactly how this works. But the real 2CV enthusiast wants nothing more than to tinker with this himself. That's why we at Burton 2CV Parts can supply you with all the parts you need for this!

More than just 2CV steering rack parts

As well as our steering rack parts we would like to provide you with everything for your 2CV. That is why we offer many more products. In addition to the steering parts you will also find everything for the engine, interior, the exterior and many other categories.

Do you still have questions about our steering rack parts or do you have questions about delivery or returns? We are happy to help you! We specialize in everything for the 2CV and are happy to share this knowledge with all the other 2CV enthusiasts.