Steering column

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  1. Steering column 2CV (745mm)
    SKU: A1.7728
  2. Steering column Dyane (732,5mm)
    SKU: A1.7750
  3. Steering column base clamp 2CV
    SKU: A1.7729
  4. Rubber for steering rack, with hole for grease nipple
    SKU: A1.7791
  5. Rubber gaiter for steering column through floor panel
    SKU: A1.7726
  6. Guide rubber for steering column tube at ignition lock
    SKU: A1.7725
  7. Steering wheel Moto-Lita look wood
    SKU: A2.4510
  8. Adaptor plate for sport steering wheel 2CV
    SKU: A1.7738
  9. Ignition lock 2CV with keys, 1974->
    SKU: A1.6905
  10. Ignition lock Dyane/Acadiane with keys
    SKU: A1.6909
  11. Ignition switch key 2CV, blank
    SKU: A1.6908
  12. Steering column tube for 2CV
    SKU: A1.7724
  13. Ignition lock contact drum 2CV
    SKU: A1.6915
  14. Steering wheel 2CV Special, double branch
    SKU: A1.7785
  15. Steeringwheel 2CV Special
    SKU: G1.7785
  16. Steering wheel cover 2CV Special
    SKU: G1.7784
  17. Steering wheel cover 2CV Special
    SKU: A1.7786
  18. Igniton lock contact drum Mehari
    SKU: A1.6916
  19. Ignition lock spacer 2CV, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.6907
  20. Ignition lock U-Bracket 7mm, 2CV 1974->
    SKU: A1.6906
  21. Indicator light switch bracket on steering column
    SKU: A1.6510
  22. Steering Wheel Sport black, including adapter plate
    SKU: A1.7780
  23. Steering pipe rubber in footstool
    SKU: G1.7726
  24. Steering lock sleeve
    SKU: G1.6921
  25. Ignition/starter Visa/C15 switch with keys
    SKU: A1.6925
  26. Steering wheel Moto-Lita look black leatherette
    SKU: A2.4515
  27. Steering column set Moto-Lita look with steering wheel lock
    SKU: A2.4506
  28. Quick Release steering wheel
    SKU: A2.4530
  29. Adaptor plate for sport steering wheel Burton
    SKU: A2.4526
  30. Steering wheel set with quick release
    SKU: A2.4509
Items 1-30 of 32 |

Steering column 2CV

Do you need parts for your 2CV steering column? No problem, we have a huge assortment with +48 items! The nice thing about Burton 2CV Parts is that we have these 2CV steering column parts from € 1,20. For this price you already have a new ignition lock shim. Have you lost the keys to your 2CV? Don't panic, with a new ignition lock you can start your Citroën A-type carefree again. On this page you will find the parts on and around the steering rod, both new and used.

About the steering column

The movements you make by turning the steering wheel are transferred via the steering column to the steering axle. The steering axle is therefore an essential part of your entire steering system. Do you hear squeaking noises while steering? Then it might be possible that the steering axle in the cover is squeaking. With a small amount of lubricant, these squeaking noises can already be solved. But there can also be parts in your 2CV steering column that really need replacing. Then you can easily and safely order these products online in our shop. With a short delivery time we deliver your parts faster than you might think so you can start tinkering with your 2CV again!

More than a 2CV steering column

We have many more products online besides steering parts for your 2CV. At Burton 2CV Parts we try to make sure you can find everything in our webshop to make your 2CV as good as new again. So besides the complete steering system, you can also find everything for the engine and the drivetrain.

Do you still have questions about certain products, delivery or return rights? Then contact us quickly and easily! We will be happy to help you.