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  1. Steering Wheel Sport black, including adapter plate
    SKU: A1.7780
  2. Steeringwheel 2CV Special
    SKU: G1.7785
  3. Steering wheel cover 2CV Special
    SKU: G1.7784
  4. Steering pipe rubber in footstool
    SKU: G1.7726
  5. Steering lock sleeve
    SKU: G1.6921
  6. Quick Release steering wheel
    SKU: A2.4530
  7. Universal joint for steering column Burton
    SKU: A2.4528
  8. Adaptor plate for sport steering wheel Burton
    SKU: A2.4526
  9. Steering wheel Moto-Lita look black leatherette
    SKU: A2.4515
  10. Steering wheel Moto-Lita look wood
    SKU: A2.4510
  11. Steering wheel set with quick release
    SKU: A2.4509
  12. Steering column set
    SKU: A2.4508
  13. Steering column set Moto-Lita look with steering wheel lock
    SKU: A2.4506
  14. Steering rack reconditioned Ami 6/8
    SKU: A1.7810
  15. Steering rack reconditioned Méhari
    SKU: A1.7805
  16. Steering rack reconditioned Acadiane
    SKU: A1.7800
  17. Rubber for steering rack, with hole for grease nipple
    SKU: A1.7791
  18. Steering wheel cover 2CV Special
    SKU: A1.7786
  19. Steering wheel 2CV Special, double branch
    SKU: A1.7785
  20. Steering pinion bearing 2CV SKF
    SKU: A1.7775
  21. Bearing bronze steering pinion 7 tooth 2nd type 12x17x12mm
    SKU: A1.7768
  22. Needlebearing steering pinion 8 tooth 14x10x12mm
    SKU: A1.7767
  23. Needle bearing steering pinion 7 tooth 2nd type 12x18x12mm
    SKU: A1.7766
  24. Needle bearing steering pinion 8 tooth 10x16x12mm
    SKU: A1.7765
  25. Bearing bush steering pinion 8 tooth
    SKU: A1.7764
  26. Adjustment sleeves for track rods, stainless steel
    SKU: A1.7761
  27. Steering rack reconditioned, with frotteurs ->07/1975
    SKU: A1.7759
  28. Seat bowl tie rod end
    SKU: A1.7757
  29. Spring for gear racks thrust piece
    SKU: A1.7756
  30. Track rod end ball housing fitting kit
    SKU: A1.7755
Items 1-30 of 77 |


At Burton 2CV Parts you will find all the handy parts for your 2CV steering! With an assortment of +100 parts we have everything for your 2CV! This huge range of parts for the steering system starts from € 1.20! For this price you will already find a shim for the ignition lock. We at Burton 2CV Parts are specialized in all parts for your Deux Chevaux. In addition, we have super-fast delivery so you can quickly start tinkering with your favourite car.

About the 2CV steering

A steering system is quite important for your car. This is a system that ensures that movements you make with the steering wheel is transferred to the wheels. When you turn your steering wheel, the steering system ensures that the wheels makes the same movement. We have different parts for your steering. These are divided into the following categories:

  • Steering column
  • Steering housing
  • Track rods

You will find all the parts for your 2CV steering system in our webshop. Replace worn parts quickly so you will never break down on the side of the road. For the real enthusiasts, tinkering with your 2CV is also the best part of the day, isn't it? Make sure you give Deux Chevaux the attention it deserves!

Questions about 2CV steering

The Burton 2CV Parts team will be happy to help you if there are any questions about certain parts. Our customer service is at your service. You can send us an email via the contact form, we will respond as soon as possible. If you have urgent questions about spare parts or delivery, we can also be reached by telephone.

Burton 2CV Parts has a 30 day return service. So you didn't order the right part? Then you can easily exchange the part for another one. We want to contribute to the maintenance of your 2CV. So order the products easily and safely online in our shop!