Suspension arms

When your car hits the ground after a threshold, and you really didn't fly over it too fast this time, then it's time to replace the bump stop suspension cylinder for new ones. We have them for the 2CV but also for the Acadiane and Méhari you've come to the right place at Burton.

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  1. Suspension arm stop set
    SKU: A1.1553
  2. Bump stop for front axle arm
    SKU: A1.1554
  3. Kingpin complete, per side
    SKU: A1.7701
  4. Suspension arm bearing set, for one swing arm
    SKU: A1.3926
  5. Suspension arm bearing
    SKU: A1.3925
  6. Driveshaft wheel side 2CV SKF 1970->
    SKU: A1.0123
  7. Dust cover for rear suspension arm
    SKU: A1.8380
  8. Castle nut for suspension arm
    SKU: A1.3927
  9. Suspension arm bearing seal 72x95,8x7mm
    SKU: A1.3505
  10. Suspension arm locknut tool
    SKU: A1.2725
  11. Bump stop axle arm round front Acadiane/Mehari
    SKU: A1.1550
  12. Bump stop axle arm front 2CV
    SKU: A1.1549
  13. King pin de/assembly kit
    SKU: A1.2707
13 Items |