A good chassis is the basis of a safe 2CV. If you notice that there is often water in the car, it is advisable to have a look at your chassis. Chances are it will rot. Is your gear stick facing inwards? Probably your chassis is bent. These problems and worries are history and when you choose a galvanized chassis.  Also for accessories you are right on this page; is your petrol hose hanging loose ? Then look at the fuel clamp. Riding a rally with the 2CV? Check out our skid plate which protects the engine during the rally.

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  1. J-clip nut, threaded M7x1 Used to secure the body to chassis
    SKU: A1.1525
  2. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis, special
    SKU: A1.1114
  3. Shock absorber mounting set 2CV
    SKU: A1.1544
  4. Chassis 2CV cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1505
  5. Chassis 2CV galvanised
    SKU: A1.1504
  6. Chassis 2CV cataphoresis, anti-rust internally
    SKU: A1.1506
  7. Stainless steel chassis for the 2CV
    SKU: A1.1503
  8. Chassis Acadiane cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1507
  9. Chassis 2CV 12/18pk 425cc cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1501
  10. Skid plate
    SKU: A1.1539
  11. Skid plate under engine, Rally, 4mm aluminium
    SKU: A1.1542
  12. Skid plate under fueltank, Rally, 4mm aluminium
    SKU: A1.1541
  13. Skid plate Rally, 2mm sheetmetal
    SKU: A1.1540
  14. Completely reconditioned chassis for Citroen 2CV of Burton
    SKU: A2.1150
  15. Shock absorber mounting pin 12mm 2CV
    SKU: A1.1545
  16. Shock absorber mounting pin 14mm Acadiane/Ami/AK400
    SKU: A1.1547
  17. Chassis foam tape self-adhesive water repellent 6m (6x25mm)
    SKU: A1.1515
  18. Chassis nut M7 square
    SKU: A1.1527
  19. Chassis cap plastic per piece, 40mm
    SKU: A1.1512
  20. Chassis plug 35mm plastic
    SKU: A1.1510
  21. Reinforcement repair panel for chassis, height of 100mm
    SKU: A1.1521
  22. Reinforcement repair panel for chassis, height of 96mm
    SKU: A1.1520
  23. Body strip set
    SKU: A2.0130
  24. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis
    SKU: A1.1120
24 Items |

Want to buy chassis for 2CV?

Need a high quality Chassis for your 2CV? At Burton 2CV Parts a chassis is already available from €599,99. A chassis is the base of your car. Without the chassis the 2CV would fall apart. In addition to a 2CV chassis, we also offer related products such as shock absorbers.

Advantages of a Burton chassis

Are you always looking forward to driving long stretches and enjoying your 2CV to the fullest? Are you also a big fan of the Citroën 2CV? At Burton 2CV Parts we're just as enthusiastic about Citroën 2CVs as you are. Despite the great entertainment, we believe that safety is number one. It is therefore extremely important to have a chassis that is in good condition. A chassis in good condition has several advantages. One of the advantages is that there is nothing to worry about when unexpected circumstances on the road occur, because a chassis in good condition is stiffer than a chassis that falls apart in misery. This keeps the car safe on roads with many bends and driving at high speed. This ensures that you get into your car with confidence and can enjoy the car rides to the fullest.

Purchase a 2CV chassis from Burton 2CV Parts

At Burton 2CV Parts we want to use our expertise to help you find a chassis for your 2CV that fits your wishes and needs. We offer a wide range of products so we have the perfect chassis available for you. In addition, we offer secure payment options and fast shipping, so you can use your parts as soon as possible. Do you have questions about, for example, the advantages of our chassis? Please feel free to contact our customer service by e-mail or phone. In addition to the chassis, we also offer other 2CV parts, including drive shafts, mudguards and gearboxes.