Rolling Chassis

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  1. King pin de/assembly kit
    SKU: A1.2707
  2. Hub and bearing (dis)assembly tool
    SKU: A1.2714
  3. King pin lower socket tool
    SKU: A1.2708
  4. Completely reconditioned chassis for Citroen 2CV of Burton
    SKU: A2.1150
  5. Chassis 2CV cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1505
  6. Chassis 2CV galvanised
    SKU: A1.1504
  7. Chassis Acadiane cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1507
  8. Chassis 2CV cataphoresis, anti-rust internally
    SKU: A1.1506
  9. Chassis 2CV 12/18pk 425cc cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1501
  10. Stainless steel chassis for the 2CV
    SKU: A1.1503
  11. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis, special
    SKU: A1.1114
  12. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis
    SKU: A1.1120
  13. Combination socket 44mm hubnut/wheelbearingnut 1/2" drive
    SKU: A1.2702
  14. Suspension cylinder 2CV stainless steel, new
    SKU: A1.8329
  15. Tie rod wrench
    SKU: A1.2790
  16. Spanner 46mm for suspension nuts 2CV
    SKU: A1.2730
  17. Suspension arm bearing seal 72x95,8x7mm
    SKU: A1.3505
  18. Suspension arm locknut tool
    SKU: A1.2725
  19. Socket 26mm shock absorber bolt 1" drive
    SKU: A1.2700
  20. Suspension arm bearing set, for one swing arm
    SKU: A1.3926
    €47.95 €39.99
    Discount 17%
  21. Hub nut rear
    SKU: A1.3921
  22. Dust cap rear hub nut
    SKU: A1.3915
  23. Suspension arm bearing
    SKU: A1.3925
  24. Suspension arm stop set
    SKU: A1.1553
  25. Tie rod end eye, long
    SKU: A1.8365
  26. J-clip nut, threaded M7x1 Used to secure the body to chassis
    SKU: A1.1525
  27. Tie rod end eye
    SKU: A1.8361
  28. Shock absorber front 2CV, 12mm
    SKU: A1.8303
  29. Shock absorber rear 2CV, 12mm
    SKU: A1.8301
  30. Brake pipe clamp
    SKU: A1.5898
Items 1-30 of 172 |

2CV parts for the rolling chassis

Are you looking for 2CV parts for the rolling chassis? Then you've come to the right webshop! We at Burton are specialized in everything that has to do with your 2CV. So our range of parts is huge as well. We think it's important that these nice cars get the maintenance they deserve. In the category rolling chassis you will find a lot of 2CV parts. Different parts you can find with us are: shock absorbers, springs, front axle, rear axle, kingpins, wheel bearings, wheels and of course the chassis itself.

Rolling chassis for the 2CV

All these parts are important for a well-functioning 2CV. A shock absorber affects several factors in the car. For example, your tires can wear out unevenly when this is not in order. Suspension arms are also important for your 2CV. These ensure that the forces of braking or accelerating occur evenly. All parts of the rolling chassis therefore have an important influence on the entire 2CV.

All 2CV parts for the rolling chassis are for sale in our webshop. To make sure parts on your car will not wear out unnecessarily, we recommend replacing these parts in time. Of course you want to keep your 2CV as new as possible! For questions about parts of the rolling chassis you can always contact us.