Rolling Chassis

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  1. Completely reconditioned chassis for Citroen 2CV of Burton
    SKU: A2.1150
  2. Chassis 2CV cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1505
  3. Chassis 2CV galvanised
    SKU: A1.1504
  4. Chassis Acadiane cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1507
  5. Chassis 2CV 12/18pk 425cc cataphoresis
    SKU: A1.1501
  6. Stainless steel chassis for the 2CV
    SKU: A1.1503
  7. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis, special
    SKU: A1.1114
  8. Hose clip fuel and brake line to chassis
    SKU: A1.1120
  9. Combination socket 44mm hubnut/wheelbearingnut 1/2" drive
    SKU: A1.2702
  10. Suspension cylinder 2CV stainless steel, new
    SKU: A1.8329
  11. Tie rod wrench
    SKU: A1.2790
  12. Spanner 46mm for suspension nuts 2CV
    SKU: A1.2730
  13. Suspension arm bearing seal 72x95,8x7mm
    SKU: A1.3505
  14. Suspension arm locknut tool
    SKU: A1.2725
  15. Socket 26mm shock absorber bolt 1" drive
    SKU: A1.2700
  16. Suspension arm bearing set, for one swing arm
    SKU: A1.3926
  17. Hub nut rear
    SKU: A1.3921
  18. Dust cap rear hub nut
    SKU: A1.3915
  19. Shock absorber set, 4 pieces, 2x front & 2x rear
    SKU: A1.8300
  20. Suspension arm bearing
    SKU: A1.3925
  21. Suspension arm stop set, vulcanised
    SKU: A1.1553
  22. Tie rod end eye, long
    SKU: A1.8365
  23. J-clip nut, threaded M7x1 Used to secure the body to chassis
    SKU: A1.1525
  24. Tie rod end eye
    SKU: A1.8361
  25. Shock absorber front 2CV, 12mm
    SKU: A1.8303
  26. Shock absorber rear 2CV, 12mm
    SKU: A1.8301
  27. Brake pipe clamp
    SKU: A1.5898
  28. Mounting kit front- and rear axle
    SKU: A1.1532
  29. Chassis nut M7 square
    SKU: A1.1527
  30. Michelin tyre 125R15 X 68S
    SKU: A1.0705
Items 1-30 of 160 |