Push rod tube aluminum 2CV6, Ø18,0mm

Article number:  A1.4376
Original quality
Pushrod tube for 602cc engines. The pushrod can be damaged when removing or mounting the cilinderhead. Remove the old pushrod tubes by sawing them through from the inside with a blade. 18,00mm diameter at the cylinderhead end. A new tube should be rolled with a special tool; For example, the original Citroën tool with number 1605-T, 3005-T or 3036-T.
  • Car Model: 2CV, Dyane, Burton, Mehari, Ami
  • OEM number:: 75 510 420, 75 421 901
  • Number per car: 4
  • Quality:: 4
  • Engine size: 602cc
  • Material: Aluminium
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