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Engine seal set, 2CV6 602cc

Engine seal set, 2CV6 602cc


This set is composed out of the best quality parts. It contains the following parts;
  • 2x A1.5337 Pushrod tube seal Viton
  • 2x A1.5323 Gasket inlet, improved gasket material
  • 2x A1.5322 Gasket outlet, improved gasket material
  • 1x A1.3511 Oil-seal ring crankshaft front
  • 1x A1.3515 Oil-seal ring crankshaft rear
  • 1x A1.5327 Oil filler gasket
  • 1x A1.4330 Oil pump gasket
  • 1x A1.4354 Gasket for oil pump
  • 2x A1.5319 Rocker cover gasket 2CV special
  • 3x A1.4336 Gasket for oil line
  • 4x A1.5361 Valve seal
  • 2x A1.5329 Gasket for oil cooler
  • 6x A1.4314 Washer copper cylinder head
  • 1x A1.4313 Washer copper oilfilter support
  • 1x A1.4476 Rubber ring oil filter support
  • 1x A1.4338 Rubber ring oil strainer filter
  • 1x A1.4498 Seal for oil drain plug
  • 1x A1.4335 Washer oil pressure valve
  • 1x A1.3519 Seal for primary axle
  • 1x A1.4312 Washer Oil Pressure Sensor
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Quality (1-5): 5
Number required per car: 1


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