It could just happen that your gas board comes off. Not a great thing to happen, so get that new throttle in there fast. With good use of the snail, the pedal rubber will also wear out or mysteriously get lost over time. For an original pedal rubber with Citroën chevrons you have come to the right place.

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  1. Pedal rubber with chevrons
    SKU: A1.3158
  2. Pedal rubber round <-1970
    SKU: A1.3185
  3. Rubber for standing accelerator pedal
    SKU: A1.3164
  4. Plastic hinge for standing accelerator pedal
    SKU: A1.3163
  5. Standing accelerator pedal 2CV March 1966->1978
    SKU: A1.3160
  6. Standing accelerator pedal <-1966
    SKU: A1.3161
  7. Hanging accelerator pedal 2CV 1978->
    SKU: A1.3162
  8. Push rod master cylinder, 125mm, extra long, short leg kit
    SKU: A2.3745
  9. Pedal brackets
    SKU: A2.3710
9 Items |